Jane Ellingworth


An Integrated Approach to Healthcare....


In my clinic here in Oxfordshire, I work with patients across all age groups from young children experiencing grief and trauma, teenagers with severe mental health issues to adults who may be dealing with major events in their lives or living through challenging circumstances. I have experience in helping patients working through severe anxiety and depression including the coping mechanisms of emotional distress for example self harm, eating disorders and alcohol or drug addictions.


I am a qualified and insured homoeopath with many years experience and prescribe homoeopathic medication to help alleviate emotional and physical symptoms you may be experiencing. A more detailed explanation on homoeopathy is explained in my website.


My continued learning into the human mind and body highlights the importance of being heard and understood above everything else. I find this is especially true when perhaps faced with a challenging situation we no longer feel our usual self and we need to contact a professional whom can offer a safe confidential space in which to talk.


If this is you right now or perhaps a member of your family and you need help, please call for an informal chat or to make an appointment.